2010-2011 Season

Yiddish Theater a Love StorySOLD OUT
Skype Interview
with Ravit Markus – Producer

“funny, wistful and resolute …” New York Times
“charming, humorous …” About.com
“impeccable record of a life and a movement …” Los Angeles Times


Gloomy Sunday

Post-film Discussion -with Suzanne Lederer

“one of the best films of the year …” Philadelphia Enquirer
“strange, compelling …” San Francisco Chronicle
“lushly engaging …” Boston Globe


Port of Last Resort – SOLD OUT
Skype Interview
Special Guest:
Werner Gellert – Founder New Mexico Tolerance Museum and “Shanghailander”

“a must-see …” Variety
“stunning archival footage …” The Village Voice
“richly detailed elegant documentary …” The Jewish Week


The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg – SOLD OUT
Post-film discussion
with Rabbi Malka Drucker, Author of Tom Seaver Portrait of a Pitcher

“warm and intelligent …” Los Angeles Times
“an inspiring story …” Chicago Tribune
“deeply affectionate …” Philadelphia Enquirer


The New York Times