Flix and Chopstix

FLix and StixChristmas Day
Wed Dec 25 starting 2:00 pm at CCA – SOLD OUT!

  Live Skype interview with Don Siegel, author of
  From Lokshen to Lo Mein: The Jewish Love Affair with Chinese Food
Followed by a Chinese dinner! (additional cost).

NOTE: See “Event Schedule” below for ticket availability and show times.

The votes have been counted, the results are in, your favorite Mel Brooks pics are Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein! Join us on Christmas Day for a double feature of these two Mel Brooks classics, followed by Chinese food. “Flix & Chopstix”, it’s a new Santa Fe JFF tradition!

Jews have long had an affinity for Chinese food. Don Siegel, author of From Lokshen to Lo Mein: The Jewish Love Affair with Chinese Food, is joining us live via Skype to tell us why. His book is an entertaining mix of history, anecdotes and recipes for kosher Chinese dishes. Don’t know what “lokshen” are? They’re Jewish noodles!

Event Schedule & Ticket Availability:


In the Cinematheque
2:00 pm – Blazing Saddles
4:00 pm – Young Frankenstein and live Skype interview with Don Siegel, author of From Lokshen to Lo Mein – SOLD OUT
On Sale: Limited number of single tickets for Blazing Saddles

In The Studio
2:15 pm – Blazing Saddles
4:15 pm – Young Frankenstein
On Sale: Double Feature Pass and single tickets

Chinese Dinner
6:00 pm – Chinese dinner, Munoz Waxman Gallery – SOLD OUT

Questions? Send e-mail to admin@SantaFeJFF.org or call 505.216.0672.

 Flix and Chopstix has been made possible by the following:
  • Carol and Bernie Toobin, event underwriters
  • Kathy and Manny Marczak, film sponsors

and the generous support of the Center for Contemporary Arts through in-kind donations.

Meet Don Siegel

Don Siegel
Don Siegel has a passion and it’s Chinese food, the kosher kind. This self taught chef learned from Chinese chefs in the U.S. and China and was the first Westerner invited to give a cooking demonstration at the famed Sichuan Institute of High Cuisine in Chengdu. Don shares some of his favorite recipes, anecdotes and a bit of history in his book, From Lokshen to Lo Mein: The Jewish Love Affair with Chinese Food.

Don’s own love affair with Chinese food began in graduate school while working on his doctorate and has continued ever since. When he isn’t cooking, he is a professor of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University. He was recently elected as a Fellow of the prestigious American Geophysical Union.