Life in Stills

Life_in_Stills_Ben_largeSunday Nov 24th 4:00 PM at CCA
Followed by Skype interview with
Ben Peter, film subject, from Israel.

Winner! Israeli Academy Award Best Documentary
Winner! DocAviv Film Festival Best Film
Winner! HotDocs Toronto

“A story movingly and sensitively told!”. DocAviv Jury
“(S)ensitive yet bracing!” Jewish Tribune
“with charm and wit …!” HaAretz

Ben and his grandmother Miriam, late photographer Rudi Weissenstein’s 96-year-old widow, decide to join forces when the municipality announces plans to demolish Pri-Or, Weissenstein’s landmark photo studio, to make way for a new six-floor residential development in Tel Aviv. For decades, Rudi Weissenstein documented Israel’s most decisive moments through his photographs. And for 40 years, Pri-Or has been home to more than one million of his negatives, including the iconic Declaration of Independence by David Gurion from May 1948. This documentary explores the relationship between a stern and uncompromising yet funny and vulnerable woman and her grandson as two generations collide in loving and entertaining ways while they take on politicians at city hall to save their family legacy. HotDocs

Life in Stills has been sponsored by Marlene and Gene Frank and Phyllis Kapp

Meet Ben Peter

Grandson of Miriam and Rudi Weissenstein, Ben Peter has become the owner and protector, and story teller of their photo shop, Pri-or Photohouse in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since his grandfathers death, the Pri-or Photohouse has become an art gallery, and Ben has begun a long journey to tell his grandfather’s and Israel’s story through the over 1 million negatives he is currently working on digitizing.