Room 514

Room_514_largeSaturday Nov 23rd 6:00 PM at CCA
Followed by discussion with
Chen Rahamim, Special Guest from Israel.

Winner! Tribeca Festival Best New Director Special Mention
Winner! Brussels Jewish Film Festival Best Feature Film
Nominated! Israeli Academy Award Best Actress

“A masterful project!”. IndieWire
“A triumph!” Variety
“One of the finds … this year!” FilmForward
“(a) brilliant performance …!” Jerusalem Post

Where do a soldier’s loyalties lie? To himself, to the truth, to his fellow soldiers? Is use of force against Arab civilians in the West Bank ever justified in the name of security? These are some of the issues explored in newcomer Sharon Bar-Zvi’s feature film, Room 514. Room 514 refers to the interrogation room where this taut psychological drama unfolds. An outstanding Israeli Defense Force officer is accused of beating an Arab civilian. The IDF interrogator, Anna, is herself an outsider, a woman in a patriarchal military world, a Russian born Israeli in a country where Russian immigrants faced their own challenges integrating into society. When the moral code of conduct calls for restraints in action that are at odds with ingrained impulses and security concerns, what are the consequences of rattling the established order? As the young soldiers discover, good and evil, black and white don’t exist. An impressive debut film.

Room 514 is underwritten by Susan and Steven Goldstein

Meet Chen Rahamim

Chen Rahamim is a former member of the Israel Defense Force’s Special Forces unit and he continues to serve as a reservist. Chen regularly speaks to Jewish and Christian visitors about Israeli history, culture and geography as well as his experiences with the IDF. He is often sought out by the Birthright Israel organization to provide young Jewish adults an in-depth understanding of Israel and the complex issues the country faces.