The Ethiopian Journey

Exodus Pass

See the film RED LEAVES.
Winner, Best Debut Film

Hear Avishai Mekonen's personal story (A VIEW FROM WITHIN)
and the little know story of the unsung heroes.

Join us for an optional lunch of traditional Ethiopian dishes

11:00 AM Sunday, February 26th
Introduction by Dr. Halley Faust
Center for Contemporary Arts

1:00 PM Sunday, February 26th
Lunch with Ethiopian Food
Temple Beth Shalom

2:00 PM Sunday, February 26th
Avishai Mekonen
Temple Beth Shalom

The story of Ethiopian Jewry and the mass immigration to Israel is one of heroism, secrecy, danger, and challenges. With the determination and planning of the Israeli and American governments, world Jewish organizations, and Jewish Ethiopian activists, the vast majority of Ethiopia’s Jewish community was brought to Israel.

EXODUS: THE ETHIOPIAN JOURNEY fills in the canvas of this most extraordinary story with the regional premiere of RED LEAVES, a talk (A VIEW FROM WITHIN) by Avishai Mekonen who at ten years of age made the journey from Ethiopia to Israel, and a lunch featuring Ethiopian dishes. Attend the film and/or talk and stay for the optional lunch.

EXODUS kicks off with the screening of Bazi Gete’s RED LEAVES, winner of the Jerusalem Film Festival’s award for BEST DEBUT FILM. The story follows Meseganio Tadela, an Ethiopian émigré to Israel and family patriarch. Meseganio grew up in a world a universe away, one that clung to Jewish traditions over 2,000 years old. Now with his children growing up in a secular society and a modern world he doesn’t understand, Meseganio is adrift. The promise of the “Promised Land” is out of reach. RED LEAVES will be introduced by Dr. Halley Faust. The Fausts have had a long-time connection to Israel’s Ethiopian community.

Ruth Anne and Halley Faust