Foxtrot 220x180

"... bruisingly powerful ..."

"... (a) gorgeous piece of work ..."

"... a grabber of an opener ..."
New York Times

11:00 AM Sunday, February 18th
Center for Contemporary Arts

Denounced by Israel’s Minister of Culture yet acclaimed by the critics, Director Samuel Moaz’s FOXTROT is one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated films. It’s blend of realism with surrealism pack a powerful punch.

FOXTROT is a story of mourning told against the backdrop of two traumatized generations by the Israeli military service. It is a remarkable film in its honesty, and an example of the soul searching often apparent in Israeli cinema. Maoz previous film was the critically acclaimed “Lebanon”. FOXTROT made its premier at the Venice Film Festival where it won the Silver Lion Award as well as the award for Best Film.