Womens Balcony Poster 220x180

"... joyous ..."

"... a surprisingly good feel comedy ..."
Hollywood Reporter

"... smoothly directed ..."
Los Angeles Times

5:00 PM Friday, May 19th
Optional Friday Night Dinner at Midtown Bistro at 7:00 PM
Center for Contemporary Arts


Israel’s number one film of the year is coming to Santa Fe as part of the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival’s new Cinema Bistor, movies and dinner. THE WOMEN’S BALCONY, which was nominated for five Israeli Academy Awards, is a light-hearted story that pits a determined group of Orthodox women against a young rabbi who sees the world differently. When the women’s balcony at a local Orthodox shul collapses, the women are determined to do something about it, the rabbi is not. An optional dinner follows at one of Santa Fe’s top restaurant’s, MIDTOWN BISTRO. Seating is at community and smaller tables.