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"... chilling ..."

"... inspirational stories ..."
Huffington Post

"Silence in the face of evil is in itself evil."
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

3:30 PM Sunday, April 23rd
Center for Contemporary Arts

in commemoration of Yom HaShoah

NEVER AGAIN IS NOW has been called “one of the most important documentaries of the decade”. It explores the troubling rise of antisemitism in Europe through the eyes of a woman who fled to America in 2004 to escape it. At times controversial but powerful, the film is a stark reminder that the watch words of the Holocaust need to be more than just words.

Evelyn Markus was raised in Holland by parents who witnessed the growing anti-Jewish violence of the 1940s. Her parents survived the Holocaust when Allied soldiers liberated them in 1945. When Markus saw signs of the same disturbing trends returning to the Netherlands, she left the land her family called home for centuries. Today she confronts the hatred that drove her out, and embraces her life’s mission — to prevent one of history’s darkest chapters from repeating.

There is no charge for tickets for this special screening, but advance reservations are required.



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"... tough and touching ..."

11:00 AM Sunday, March 26th
Introduction by award winning writer/producer Kirk Ellis.
Center for Contemporary Arts


Maysaloun Hamoud’s debut film, IN BETWEEN is an absorbing tale of three Palestinian Israeli women, each living a split life in secular Tel Aviv. Their relationships reveal the tension between modernity and the more traditional society from which they come and their struggles to be true to themselves. As a female Palestinian Israeli, Maysaloun infuses a natural authenticity into the characters. IN BETWEEN had its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and took home the award for BEST FILM at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Award winning writer, producer Kirk Ellis will introduce the film.

The Ethiopian Journey

Exodus Pass

See the film RED LEAVES.
Winner, Best Debut Film

Hear Avishai Mekonen's personal story (A VIEW FROM WITHIN)
and the little know story of the unsung heroes.

Join us for an optional lunch of traditional Ethiopian dishes

11:00 AM Sunday, February 26th
Introduction by Dr. Halley Faust
Center for Contemporary Arts

1:00 PM Sunday, February 26th
Lunch with Ethiopian Food
Temple Beth Shalom

2:00 PM Sunday, February 26th
Avishai Mekonen
Temple Beth Shalom

The story of Ethiopian Jewry and the mass immigration to Israel is one of heroism, secrecy, danger, and challenges. With the determination and planning of the Israeli and American governments, world Jewish organizations, and Jewish Ethiopian activists, the vast majority of Ethiopia’s Jewish community was brought to Israel.

EXODUS: THE ETHIOPIAN JOURNEY fills in the canvas of this most extraordinary story with the regional premiere of RED LEAVES, a talk (A VIEW FROM WITHIN) by Avishai Mekonen who at ten years of age made the journey from Ethiopia to Israel, and a lunch featuring Ethiopian dishes. Attend the film and/or talk and stay for the optional lunch.

EXODUS kicks off with the screening of Bazi Gete’s RED LEAVES, winner of the Jerusalem Film Festival’s award for BEST DEBUT FILM. The story follows Meseganio Tadela, an Ethiopian émigré to Israel and family patriarch. Meseganio grew up in a world a universe away, one that clung to Jewish traditions over 2,000 years old. Now with his children growing up in a secular society and a modern world he doesn’t understand, Meseganio is adrift. The promise of the “Promised Land” is out of reach. RED LEAVES will be introduced by Dr. Halley Faust. The Fausts have had a long-time connection to Israel’s Ethiopian community.

Ruth Anne and Halley Faust


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"... beautifully acted ..."
Jerusalem Post

WINNER! - Best Debut Film
Jerusalem International Film Festival

"... quiet, powerful ..."

11:00 AM Sunday, February 26th
Introduction by Dr. Halley Faust
Optional Ethiopian lunch
Center for Contemporary Arts

Tradition clashes with modernity in Bazi Gete’s RED LEAVES. Winner of the Jerusalem Film Festival’s award for BEST DEBUT FILM, the story follows Meseganio Tadela, an Ethiopian émigré to Israel and patriarch of his family. Meseganio grew up in a world a universe away, one that clung to Jewish traditions over 2,000 years old. Now with his children growing up in a secular society and a modern world that he doesn’t understand, Meseganio is adrift. The promise of the “Promised Land” is out of reach.

The story told has echoes in other societies where traditional worlds have begun to crumble. But the story is also particular to Israel, a country that has tried to make the promise a reality but has yet to fully do so.

Ruth Anne and Halley Faust

with Avishai Mekonen

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A personal story of a 400 mile journey from Ethiopia to Israel

and the unsung heroes of one of the most remarkable

rescues and immigrations ever.

2:00 PM Sunday, February 26th
Temple Beth Shalom
Optional Ethiopian lunch
at 1:00 PM

Award winning director and photographer, Avishai Mekonen, relates his harrowing escape and journey from Ethiopia, through the Sudan, to Israel in his talk “A View from Within”. Kidnapped from a refugee camp, walking through rebel held territory, led by guides that left one with little of their belongings, Avishai and his family eventually make it to the “Promised Land”.

The full story of the rescue and immigration of Ethiopian Jewry and the critical role that community played has not been told and is the subject of a new documentary, “Heroes”, that Mekonen has in the works. He will also speak about the role of the Jewish Ethiopian activists, the unsung heroes in an epic saga.



"(an) incredible story"
The Guardian

"the event that riveted Israel"

Israeli Academy Award Nominee!
Best Documentary

11:00 AM Sunday, January 29th
Center for Contemporary Arts

On the eighth of May 1972, four hijackers from the Palestinian organization “Black September” took control of Belgian Sabena Flight 571 from Brussels to Tel Aviv.

The hijacking marked the beginning of thirty nerve-wracking hours, bringing together the fascinating human, military and political drama inside and outside of the plane. SABENA HIJACKING – My Version is the story of the events woven together with genuine archival material and exclusive interviews with three revered Israeli political leaders who were in charge of the rescue effort at the time, as well as the only surviving hijackers.

SABENA HIJACKING has been generously sponsored by Festival Angels Susan and Steven Goldstein



Movies & Chinese Food!
Our Christmas Day Event

A special tribute to Nora Ephron
documentary and film

the critically claimed bio paired with her best loved film

1:00 PM Sunday, December 25th
Both films screen at 1:00 PM
Center for Contemporary Arts

3:00 PM Sunday, December 25th
Both films screen at 3:00 PM
Center for Contemporary Arts

5:00 PM Sunday, December 25th
Chinese Dinner at Temple Beth Shalom

It’s our fourth annual FLIX & CHOPSTIX, movies and Chinese food on Christmas Day! This year we’re featuring a tribute to author and screenwriter Nora Ephron, starting with critically acclaimed bio-doc, EVERYTHING IS COPY. Directed by her son, Jacob Bernstein, the film is a loving and insightful look at Ephron’s life. We’re pairing the doc with the Ephron film our audience voted as its favorite, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.

Join us for the movies then stay for the optional Chinese dinner. Specially priced double feature packages available as well as single film tickets. Chinese dinner is only available with purchase of ticket to one or both films



"... exquisitely involving ..."
San Francisco Chronicle

" a moving ... portrait "
Hollywood Reporter

" A wonderfully insightful chronicle ... "
Denver Post

1:00 PM Sunday, December 25th
Center for Contemporary Arts

3:00 PM Sunday, December 25th
Center for Contemporary Arts

Written and directed by her son, Jacob Bernstein, EVERYTHING IS COPY tracks Nora Ephron’s rise from the mailroom of Newsweek to a notable stint reporting for the New York Post, where she caught the eye of influential editors like Harold Hayes, Clay Felker and Helen Gurley Brown. Marked by biting honesty and intelligent humor, her incisive writing soon began appearing regularly in Esquire, New York Magazine, the New York Times and Cosmopolitan, winning devoted fans and foes alike. No one –including her parents, her former bosses, or, most famously, her spouses –was safe in her work.



" (an) unqualified delight! "
Los Angeles Times

" ... spot on! ... "
Time Magazine

" Still a treat. "

1:00 PM Sunday, December 25th
Center for Contemporary Arts

3:00 PM Sunday, December 25th
Center for Contemporary Arts

Nora Ephron’s witty script under the deft direction of Rob Reiner and the talents of Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal combine to make WHEN HARRY MET SALLY one of the classic romantic comedies of all time. Ephron garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay for the film and won the British Academy of Film and Television’s award for the same.

The film follows Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) who first meet in college and reconnect after a ten year hiatus. Arguing over whether a man can be a good friend with a woman without having sex, their own friendship becomes an unknowing testing ground. The romantic romp, with it’s snappy dialogue and iconic “deli scene”, is one of the smartest and sweetest comedies around, a perfect way to wrap up the year.



"staggering ... breathtaking"
Wall Street Journal

"A great story ... a very rare treat."
Huffington Post

"Takes audiences on (a) journey."
Chicago Reader

3:00 PM Sunday, November 20th
Special guest:
daguerreotypist Robert Shlaer
Center for Contemporary Arts

6:30 PM Monday, November 28th
Special guest:
daguerreotypist Robert Shlaer
Center for Contemporary Arts

It’s a real life adventure story of the American West with a most unlikely character taking center stage. In 1853 Solomon Carvalho, an observant Sephardic Jew who had never saddled his own horse, accompanied the famed explorer John Fremont on Fremont’s Fifth Westward Expedition and became one of the first photographers to document the far West.

The new documentary, CARVALHO’S JOURNEY, is the story of Carvalho’s harrowing adventure, one that took him from New York to California, passing through New Mexico on the way. Carvalho’s daguerreotypes captured the sweeping vistas of the rough and tumble West, and his best-selling memoir of 1867 left a vivid record of the journey itself. The Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival is presenting the regional premier of CARVALHO’S JOURNEY at 3:00 PM on Sunday, November 20th at CCA. Santa Fe resident Robert Shlaer, who retraced parts of that journey and recreated many of Carvalho’s daguerreotypes, will be at the screening to share his insights about this piece of history.

CARVALHO’S JOURNEY has been generously underwritten by Season Underwriter Satya Kirsch in memory of Jesse Liebowitz with additional support from Film Underwriters Leslie Nathanson and Hervey Juris.