Deceptive Practice

3.5 Chiles! See Pasatiempo review.
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Sunday August 25th 3:00 PM

August 22nd premier screening is SOLD OUT!
New! Exhibit at The Screen
The Golden Age of Magic

On display through August 25th.

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“… thoroughly engrossing …”. Variety
“… elegant, enthralling …” Los Angeles Times
“… positively mesmerizing …” New York Post
“… hugely entertaining…” The New York Times

More than a decade in the making, Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay is a mesmerizing journey into the world of modern magic and the small circle of eccentrics who were its perpetual devotees.


At its center is the multitalented Ricky Jay, a best-selling author and historian, an acclaimed actor, a leading collector of antiquarian books and artifacts, but above all a conjurer capable of creating a profound sense of wonder and disbelief in even the most jaded of audiences. Born Ricky Jay Potash, when asked what he wanted for his Bar Mitzvah, he said “a magician”. This maker of magic offers audiences not only exhilarating entertainment, but also a rare glimpse of a secret, lost world.

New! The Golden Age of Magic

Houdini-webThe Golden Age of magic was from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth. It was a period of grand illusion, sleight-of-hand and mentalists delighting audiences here and abroad. Many were Jewish, including the Bamberg and Hermann dynasties, in addition to perhaps the best known, Houdini. This exclusive exhibit traces the Golden Age through the poster art of the period, touching upon the contributions of Jews to magic. Exhibit will be on display on August 22nd at The Screen.

Meet Max Krause


Albuquerque magician Max Krause has been performing since he was a teenager, delighting audiences with his illusions, acts of mentalism and sleight-of-hand. He has lectured at magician conferences and has created his own line of magic effects, including apps for smart phones.

Max also established Max’s Magic Shop in Albuquerque where he recently renovated a room to create a theater. Max performs his magic there on weekends when not otherwise booked. Max will be performing “live” at the August 22nd screening of Deceptive Practice only.

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